Fund-A-Need 2020: Mental Health Matters

A heartfelt thank you to the donors who contributed to the 2020 Mental Health Matters Fund-A-Need.

Thanks to donations totaling more than $130,000, Woodside High School is able to prepare to meet the surge in demand for mental health counseling expected this Fall.

Students access the Confidential Counseling Center at Woodside for help with a wide range of mental health concerns, including grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, and abuse. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Woodside’s existing mental health counselors were stretched by increased student need. With rising costs, diminishing funding opportunities, and the extra mental health impacts of a global pandemic, a crisis in care loomed.

"It is invaluable," Elaine Dessus, Mental Health Support Specialist at WHS, says about the money raised for mental health services. "We were coping with the increased need in the last couple of years, but it meant that some students had to wait to receive care and we didn't have the resources to increase counseling hours. Now, with this funding, we can offer more hours and provide critical support to more students when they need it most. We are beyond grateful to the Woodside community for investing in Mental Health Matters."

Your donations to the 2020 Mental Health Matters Fund-A-Need are already at work hiring more mental health counselors to meet current and expected demand. This means that a high level of care through virtual or in-person counseling sessions will be available to any student in need this Fall with no waiting lists.

To learn more about the Spring 2020 Fund-A-Need campaign, click below:

Any WHS student who needs to access on-site confidential counseling services should contact their school counselor, Administrative Vice Principal, or the Mental Health Support Specialist, Elaine Dessus, in F-14C for a referral.