Spring Auction
Every year the Woodside community comes together for the Annual Spring Auction. The 2019 Spring Auction raised more than $325,000 for Woodside students, including $140,000 for the 2019 Fund-A-Need: Next-Gen Science.

Save the date for the 2020 Spring Auction: May 2, 2020.

Science Soars with New Next Generation Science Standards Funding

Thanks to last Spring’s Fund-A-Need, which raised over $140,000 for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Woodside High School will be the first school in the district to implement NGSS for all students. The new national standards, developed by the National Science Teaching Association, set the foundation for real-world, inquiry-based, applied science in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, emphasizing thinking like a scientist and engineer to solve problems facing the planet and our future.
Brooke Darmanin, WHS Biology teacher, sums it up, “NGSS represents a shift in science instruction from thinking about science to doing science.” 
That shift requires new industry-standard equipment across all science disciplines, as well as new ways of teaching. 
“NGSS is focusing on experiments, data analysis, and students trying to figure out the world on their own,” according to Matt Sahagun, WHS Physics teacher and 2018-2019 SUHSD Teacher of the Year.
Students given access to NGSS equipment and teaching have experienced positive results. Ivette Contreras Hernandez (Class of 2020) reports the new approach has given her a better understanding of science than when she’s just sitting down taking notes. And Savannah Solis (Class of 2021) states, “Biology NGSS makes me think and feel like a real scientis